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Update of the development plan of VOI Miaradia

The site of the Bamboo Lemur program is divided into 3 sectors now managed by 3 VOI or village associations that we have helped to set up: the VOI Miaradia, Samivar and Manirisoa.

The VOI Miaradia was created in 2018. Its area of ​​intervention covers the territory of several groups of greater bamboo lemurs: Groups I, I ‘, I « , II, II’, III and IV.

Several groups of greater bamboo lemurs have extended their territory both outside the conservation and restoration zones defined by the management plan but also outside the limits of the VOI intervention zone.

After the evaluation of the first 3 years of management of the VOI (Evaluation du VOI Miaradia | Helpsimus), its management plan has been updated.

This involved increasing the area of ​​conservation and restoration areas located within the Miaradia sector in order to secure the new territories now frequented by lemurs.

To do this, new floristic and faunistic inventories have been carried out in order to define the new forest fragments to be included in the conservation and restoration zones of the VOI’s new management plan.

© Impact Madagascar

The new management plan was drawn up during several working meetings with stakeholders (VOI members, representatives of local authorities and of the national park, etc.).

These meetings were organized by our local partner Impact Madagascar, which we commissioned to monitor the VOI.

In the new management plan, the surface area of the VOI Miaradia intervention zone has almost doubled:

VOI MiaradiaTotal areaConservation areasRestoration areas
1st management plan (2018)541 haenv. 25 haenv. 400 ha
2nd management (2021)935 haenv. 29 ha605 ha

In addition, over 200 additional ha of forest have been integrated into the conservation and restoration areas.

Below is the new map of the Bamboo Lemur program intervention area: in green, the conservation areas and in pink, the restoration areas.

Site of the Bamboo Lemur Program – Helpsimus – Limits of the 3 VOI © Helpsimus

The new VOI Miaradia management plan makes it possible to secure the territory of more than 300 greater bamboo lemurs.

A big thank you to all the donors of the crowdfunding campaign « New territories for the greater bamboo lemurs »!

Next step: the evaluation of the first 3 years of management of the VOI Samivar (in progress) and the update of its management plan.