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Guide touristique Helpsimus
Grand hapalémur Helpsimus


Helping cohabitation between humans and animals

The French Association for the Conservation of the Greater Bamboo Lemur (AFSGH) or Helpsimus was created in October 2009. Its mission is to save the Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus) in Madagascar by implementing a conservation program which combines scientific monitoring of the species, protection of its habitat, aid for the development of villages bordering groups of greater bamboo lemurs and financing of children’s education.

Protecting and studying animals
Helping local communities
Educate and raise awareness
Improving cohabitation
Lemur à ventre roux - Helpsimus
Enfant à l'école - Helpsimus
Grand hapalémur - Helpsimus
Enfant à l'école de Sahofika - Helpsimus
Avahis de Peyreiras - Helpsimus
Feu de brulis à Madagascar - Helpsimus