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SAMIVAR VOI evaluation

The first three years of managing the Miradia VOI were assessed in 2021 and its management plan has been updated (without major changes):

– the number of members is increasing, to 186 today (vs. 138, 3 years ago).

– 78 patrols were organized by the 19 patrollers of the VOI responsible for checking the clearing.

The patrollers of the 3 VOI © S. Meys

– the amount of “tavy” (consisting of clearing and then burning an area of vegetation to cultivate it) has decreased significantly since the VOI was set up.

However, we deplore the destruction of 4 ha of forest that have been burned over the past year: 3 ha in one of the conservation areas and 1 ha in one of the restoration areas (near the forest fragment where we develop the ecotourism project).

Tavy dans une zone de conservation Helpsimus

Tavy in a conservation area © S. Meys

– the bamboo forests are becoming denser in the restoration areas.

– the lemur populations are growing.

Lémur à ventre roux helpsimus

Red-bellied lemur © S. Meys

– some forest fragments are starting to connect.

– threats to the lemurs have diminished.

– living conditions in our partner villages have improved.

The contract with the VOI has therefore been renewed for 3 more years in a ceremony that took place on December 10, 2021.

Renewal ceremony of the contract with the VOI Samivar © S. Meys

Representatives of the local authorities © S. Meys

Show prepared by the children of the Sahfika school with Mary, our eduactor © S. Meys

Signature by the President of the VOI © S. Meys

Signature by the President of Helpsimus and the founder of Impact Madagascar