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Floristic inventory on the territory of group VIII

As a reminder, the floristic inventory started in 2018. It continued last year in Volotara on the territory of the group VIII and was carried out by the botanist of our local Partner, the NGO IMPACT.

And the results are very interesting!

The vegetation on the territory of the group VIII presents a varied physiognomy. There are indeed bamboo forests, secondary forests but also primary forests (not intact) which are home to many endemic plant species: Ravenala madagascariensis, Dalbergia spp, Dyospiros spp (Madagascan precious wood) and various woody species.

Many animal species live in these forests where we can especially observe the 6 lemur species identified on the site of the Bamboo Lemur program.

In addition to this diversity there are many points of view of great interest (on the national park, on the villages etc.).

© S. Meys
© S. Meys
© F-G Grandin
© F-G Grandin
Camps Helpsimus
View of the Volotara camp © D. Roullet

Thus a second tourist circuit (a more « adventurerous » one than in Sahaofika) could be created in the future on the territory of the group VIII.

The botanist also noted numerous degradations which should decrease with the creation of the third VOI and the development of a tourist circuit.

In 2020, we will continue to carry out plant inventories in other areas of the Bamboo Lemur program.